April 22, 2013

In the spirit of Earth Day, Andropogon co-hosted a Compost and Compost Tea Workshop with the city of Chattanooga’s Water Quality Department and James Sotillo of Ecological Landscape Management. This one day workshop was organized to discuss the importance of compost and compost tea in creating healthy soils, especially pertaining to green infrastructure and infiltration practices. Featured speakers were James Sottillo, José Almiñana and Emily McCoy from Andropogon Associates.

The workshop focused on : What is compost tea and how to make it, hands‐on demonstration of compost tea  brewing procedures, why healthy soil is important, components of soil biology, how to build healthy soils, sampling procedures, the difference between compost types, and the importance of follow up testing, and how to incorporate these procedures into construction jobs, outline specifications, sequence steps and planning ahead for typical issues that arise.

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend Earth Day, especially in beautiful Chattanooga! Thanks to the Department of Water Quality for a great visit!

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