April 17, 2013

Digging the New York City Skyline: Soil Fungal Communities in Green Roofs and City Parks

A research team consisting of biologists from Columbia, Fordham and the University of Colorado have found that green roofs contain much more soil life than originally thought, stating “fungi living in the growing medium of green roofs may be an underestimated component of these biotic systems functioning to support some of the valued ecological services of green roofs.” Their results also show that many plant species are able to maintain mychorrhizal relationships after planting and after being exposed to the harsh conditions a green roof presents.

The Integrative Research Division at Andropogon feels strongly that soil biology is a critical, but overlooked component of green roof research and design. Our research group will be looking at soil biology on green roofs over the next year, so check back to see our progress!

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